Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Going Through The Photos

I've spent most of my day organizing my photos to and from my external hard drives.
Also To Burn Them onto DVD's for Trevor. There are so many photos I have to use not one but two dvd's.

Hmmm been wanting to go for another driving lesson, but Suzy seems busy preparing for her trip back home. I'm to afraid to bother her.

Dad's preparing to go to China for an International Chinese Chess Competition. He's stalled on teaching me anything. Driving and Making Noodles. I did pick out some paintings that I will be giving away to family back home.

I worked out on the wii fit today only to find that I haven't been on it for 5 days?!
I'm weighing in at 125 pounds even after I've eaten and drank a lot of stuff. 10 more pounds to go. Should I be photo journal-ing my progress? hhmmmmmmm NO. I don't want to show you guys my fat tubby stomach disappearing through time. I've had it for so long that even now as I'm slimming I'm already starting to miss it. ( Well Not Really )

PS. My pants are starting to get loose. Just as I thought my butt would get bigger, but no.

Ahhh. Never knew thinking of stupid stunts to do just to pass time would be so hard.
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