Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Trip To Langley

This morning I was up early checking up on things and chatting with a new friend online. Soon after headed out to Langley with my cousin and big sis in search for ... I have no clue. We hit up a model toy store to return something my sister had bought and we headed to Willowbrook for lunch and our continuation in search for toys ( toys-r-us didn't fill our needs but my cousin found Elmo interesting ) She kept sticking her hand in his mouth as he was talking.

and we ended up going in search for a more specialty toy store. I called up Bruce and got directions to the toy store that I had been wanting to hit up for a while. Toy Traders, you guys are awesome.

Some fun poses that cousin LX did just for the heck of it. While I was there I was so tempted to purchase a pink big wheel bike for 20$, just to use it for some stupid stunt. We hit up a store for Lan and then Michael's for some supplies to make the crow head for my crow costume. On our way home we stopped by a pet store. I spotted some pug x some kind of dog mix there, although they were cute, I think pure breeds are cuter. I'm really considering getting a Boston terrier though if I do commit to getting a new puppy. They're smart and loving dogs.
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