Saturday, September 05, 2009

Capilano Suspension Bridge Pictures

UPDATE: HERE ARE THE PICTURES.. that were taken On 2009 / 09 / 04

okay okay I know the shirt on me looks weird and fat. But I'm not that self cautious, when I reach my goal weight is when I will show you all what I've succeeded to become to from where I have been. The pics are of us goofing off at the suspension bridge. You pay quite a bit to get in, but I had a coupon for the two for one and we thought we might as well have fun. =)

I finally got these pics from Peter today after Dim Sum Lunch with an uncle that came from out of town. His kids, My Cousins, were very cute. His wife is also very beautiful.

I was full of worry about Brad this morning, until he texted me, apparently he wasn't drunk, he was fooling around and bumped his head and had a seizure. ( Finding this out didn't make me feel any better ) But he got out of the hospital and is OK. *sigh* a good sigh. I hadn't slept a lot due to this morning events, I did rest my eyes a bit at Lan's House but I had to play some Wii as I watched Cousin LX playing the fencing showdown on the Wii Sport Resort. Wack some video game characters to relief some stressful thoughts.

Now I'm home and chillaxing. =) feeling much better.
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