Thursday, September 03, 2009

Chilling With The Big Sis

I was on skype with Sean last night again, LOL. Hey Sean if you are reading this. SHOUT OUT! haha. Any hoot, his guitar playing was pretty good. Cheered me up a bit. I don't know why it feels nice to meet people that work in the same kind of industry even though they are in another city, in another province. But unlike me though, Sean is more in the Web as I'm more of a graphics and print. All around good person to chat with once and a while. Coming out of my shell feels like a good thing, making friends across the country and the world is even better.

This morning I was pretty upset. Just feeling it, the decision to finally let go. Paid all the bills even though they aren't due until a couple of weeks from now, but what the hell. Now I'm broke. I wondered why my rogers bill was so expensive until I realized and looked up that I have unlimited texting plan.. awesome! and also good for work! Texting with Brad really made me feel better. He just has a way with me that is a mix of random of honesty, playfulness and I don't know? Flirt? haha. It's been forever since I saw him last. What since I was in Art Institute? that was like 2 years + ago.

Now I'm at the sister place and have been for a while, we playing Wii Sport Resort. Cousin LX beat me in archery, I beat her in the fencing eventually when I just swung randomly really fast with my eyes closed. Sister Lan was laughing her head off when I beat cousin LX by doing that. Hilarious. ( I should have been filmed, then I would have posted it for all of you guys to see. ) I also beat cousin LX in Frisbee throwing and canoeing. Now we're sitting and watching movies as I blog away.
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