Saturday, September 19, 2009

Clean House

Well, I never thought that I would ever have two parents away on vacation at once. But it's true. Dad's in China and mom's on a plane flying over seas back to Malaysia. I wish them both to be safe and healthy.

It's time to clean house. Start thinking of renovating the bunk upstairs washroom and kitchen. An investment in something that may be passed on to me one day. I'm daydreaming of painting and I'm dreading having to pick up the rest of my stuff from the X, I don't know how the heart will ache when I see him. I have to be stronger than ever feeling the way I do, with the thoughts that fill my mind. The little things I have yet to let go of, the feelings that are still SO deep in hurt.

I have one more player to choose in my fantasy pool.
Contemplating of sending B. another picture in a little game that I've started with him. When I am is the question. Maybe when he reads this. *B. if you do, message me saying "where's my picture with the pink & gray?" LOL. I love how you make me smile and feel. Stronger.
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