Friday, September 11, 2009

The Little Things

I guess I've come to realize that a little thing can mean a lot to someone. Well I mean if I was to destroy Gary, for real. Chris would be very upset with me. But no. I'm talking about making relationships, little things do matter don't they. Even if it's a thought.

Just came back from another jog / walk. I took the step meter with me this time. I wore it when I took CC out for a walk before my usual 4.8K workout jog. my meter says that I traveled a total of 6k. mmm lets get a weight update. 120 lb. and still maintaining. I guess I shouldn't break diet till I'm even close to my weight goal. But I've been feeling more tired lately and having headaches now and then and my pale complexion is coming back cause I'm losing my tan. I feel like I should look after my health now more than ever. Time to refocus. Not just on my work but my health.
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