Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Love Life and Mr. CC

Even if I'm not working downtown, doesn't mean I'm not working. Building something out of nothing is no easy task my friends. But dreams become goals that lead to success.

I was watching "The Sweetest Thing" yesterday with Cousin LX who has never seen it. It made me feel better watching it but it also reflects the feelings I have about the single life and playing "the game". It maybe nice to keep your options open, openly dating here and there or just playing around for fun, but you eventually get tired. I know I'm young and me saying that I'm already tired of the game at this age may seem ridiculous but you know what _ it's true. I started dating at a young age ( no, I'm not a slut. ) this was only to find out just what kind of guy I really like in qualities, looks and attitude. If I didn't do this, at the age I am now, I would never really know what I'm looking for in a guy and I wouldn't know how to deal with heart break after heart break. I would be completely vulnerable. I'm glad to say I'm not, every relationship I've come out of has taught me what qualities I should look for in the one I'd like to be with. Right now I'm letting the Universe do all the work in the love department. I'm actually enjoy being single now. Though I do feel lonely now and then, missing the affection you get when you're in a relationship. I know in the end that good things happen to those who wait. Till then I'll live, love and succeed on my own.

This morning Mr. CC kept trying to talk to me. I didn't get much shut eye ( like usual ) but he seemed as though he needed his morning fix of attention. I didn't know what he wanted. I walked him to the door in the morning but he didn't want to go outside. He didn't want food. When I returned to my room and hopped back into bed he kept wanting my attention so I sat on the floor to keep him company only to have him curl up in my lap to sleep. I sat there for 10 minutes and got up and hopped back into bed. Sometimes I wished some of the qualities CC has is what I will find in my future someone. Someone who has unconditional love for me, always wants to be at my side to keep me company. ( although he stalks me a lot. ) Someone who needs to cuddle now and then and be loved with simple hugs and kisses. Who's just happy to see me when I enter the room even though I just came in, left and returned. Who greets me with love when I come home and seems to be filled with concern when I leave and say goodbye. CC is getting old. This breaks my heart cause he's been with me through it all, the heart breaks and aches.

Now I'm lounging watching Ice Age 2, dreaming up designs and ideas.
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