Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Re-establishing A Lost Goal

I needed this today, feeling sluggish and had to work out a thought and feeling.
I feel fine now and won't let those things bother me.

I've re-established my online clothing store. There was a line called Bu Clothing Co. that I wanted to establish when I was in school, the name had a great meaning, I had a great logo. But lack of proper planning and focus on that project made me abandon it. The designs are great but I've decided to re-establish this goal of an online clothing store a little differently. A little bit more foundation before bringing back my designs.

Online Clothing Store Link: syloarts.spreadshirt.com

The one design up on the site currently is of PandaSze. From the Animation. Enjoy. More designs are to come.

Next Design is for Cousin Jonny: Me Sand Shoe. Coming Soon. =)
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