Sunday, September 13, 2009

Risk Taking With No Regrets

Today was a no regrets day. I did something out of the blue at a time that was very un-agreeable with many others. I followed my heart knowing the risk I was taking. Since I've lived a pretty risk free life, I knew just this once wouldn't make a whole lot of difference in my universe. ( The specifics of this event will be omitted. It's a very long story ). It just felt right.

I went in search for my ring today. Since becoming single, I can no longer wear all the rings I have in my possession since they are all from the last relationship I was in. I can't explain why but as I look upon those rings now I feel nothing but broken promises. So I went in search for my own ring(s) with my own promises, so my fingers would no longer feel naked. I went to quiet a few places in Guildford Mall in the company of B. looking for a simple plain band silver ring. You would not believe how hard it is to find one till you've tried. I ended up finding a ring set that was three in one at Sears. Even got a deal since there was a 25% off sale and another 10% off came from a scratch and save. I'm so happy to find what I've been looking for.
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