Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stanley Park Walk Walk Walk

Well this morning I was going to start filming my video for the week, go and get a mic cause the one on my comp just keeps picking up the fan sound from the macbook. Well my sis calls and asks if me and my cousin want to hit up Stanley Park with Joey Dog and enjoy the day. How can I pass up that offer. To take another shot on beating Lester at the rock balancing. The walk was nice and how much we did walk. By the time we got to the rock stacking, I was lazy and didn't feel like trying so hard. I'm really tired, will post pics up later tomorrow. Downtown work for me tomorrow. And I will try to pick up a new comp mic. and mmm what else.

New toys: I recently got two awesome things for my Nikon from Peter ( sis' fiance ) . One is a Camera Bag *thumbs up*, another is a remote switch *double thumbs up*

Note to Self* Find a guy that will look for awesome deals online.
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