Monday, September 07, 2009

Working On It

I texted until the early morning. Even though I only had about 4 hours of sleep. I'm feeling fine. Mr. CC doesn't seem to be feeling well lately coming and going a lot out of my room.

I'm busy thinking of everything. How to reintegrate a lot of things back into my life. Design, Clothing, Art, Business, Videos, Music. And to share all this with the world. The potential is there and I'm pushing it. I seem to have nothing but goals on my mind. I've also decided to revive some abandoned goals. I've always thought that the world is full of second chances but you just have to have the ability to see and feel when that opportunity opens back up again. I feel it more than ever. Support from all directions, from heaven and earth.

New Music that was posted on facebook by K-os. By: The Roots. I'm So Feeling This Right Now. The Beat, The Message.

I'm also working up on a design for my blog, youtube channel and online clothing store. My thoughts are everywhere and my heart feels very much mended. I do feel a bit sad from time to time, but it's natural. I'm not religious, even though I do believe there is a God. He / She Loves me and I know it cause good things are happening and I'm so thankful.
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