Saturday, October 03, 2009

Broken Bottles & Run Away Dog

Mr. CC in the last 4 days has gone missing 5 times. 2 times today.
He kept me up again this morning, I love pandas and all but looking like one due to the lack of sleep is just NOT COOL. This morning I was already up before I started messaging back and forth my FRNZ Friend all the way in Toronto. Who was getting their eyes checked. Amazing that they were even able to read my text messages with their eyes all dilated. I head out to return some cans and bottles at the bottle depot. Only to lose some as I opened the trunk of the van. The blue bin which was filled with cans and glass bottles had some how slid to the back and tipped over a bit leaning up against the trunk door. I open it and... they came clashing down. We lose about a handful of glass bottles but they're nothing to cry over. Our return gets us nothing but bus fare. We get home only find that CC had escaped again in some magical way. I run down and around the block, our neighbors say they haven't seen him go by. I go a little further and find him, I call out to him. He turns and stares at a truck to our right and starts to walk towards it as though he thought it was me. I approach him with a surprise and he catches my movement and realizes that truck wasn't me and starts to come towards me. He follows me part way home, a quarter of the way in he spots a family on their lawn and decides that he would like to join them. I chase after him like he's a child wanting to make friends. I carry him the rest of the way home in my arms. I spend most of the day watching "How I Met Your Mother". Hilarious, the writers of this series are pure geniuses. I pull down my boxes from my closet again and sort out some more things for donation, e-baying and recycling. I wonder if I want to sell of some collections I have but the love for them is what makes me think that I should keep them... Oh my super bikes. I look some more into what I can do while in Toronto. The vinyl toy stores and art scene is making me excited. Thinking of seeing my old friends again that moved there make me smile. My dad comes home and a little while later he alerts me to the fact that CC is gone again. This time my neighbors were quick to chase him down and return him. I wonder when ARE we going to just lose him one day, as in him running away.
He does love to escape. Maybe I should follow his lead and just escape as well. =)

I've taken off my status on facebook for two reasons. One. I really don't care for others knowing if I'm looking or not, cause I've stopped. Like I've said, I'm letting the universe do all the work. Though I am currently single, I don't really feel like playing the game anymore. Since the split I've been playing the game a little and it makes me sick to be honest. Hearing the let downs of them believing and telling me how I am not "healed" that I am still not "okay". Yes, I am bitter a bit for having been dumped. The one that I want to be with will and wants to be with me will realize that what I am most bitter about is Time. I lost a lot of that. Like a lost investment. You can't get that back, you can make back what you lost, but you still lost that time and effort, who wouldn't be bitter about losing an investment that you've placed so much in if it was an 8 year investment? All my past relationships have always taught me something. This last one has too. Only now I truly know what I'm looking for in a guy in MY perception of perfect and I know how I would like to be treated through that. I shouldn't settle for what may be second best anymore. They should just be the best.

Two. If things happen from here on out, they will just happen. If love finds me or has already found me and only reveals itself now. I will eventually let everyone know. At my own time, my own pace with my own reasons.

Sometimes all the qualities you're looking for when to buy an automobile can only be found in a motorcycle.
I am a motorcycle in the sea of automobiles.

What I Look For.... *updated.
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