Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dear Diary

I'm sitting up late night to blog about the day I should jot down for memories sake.
I start off the day taking pics of myself cause I was feeling and looking fab. I was thinking maybe I would send them to a FRN-Z Friend as a good morning message. =) but I didn't cause I looked .. like I was 13 years old in my last two photos. And a presidents wife in the first two.

I head downtown writing a list of all the things that I need to do on the skytrain. I head into work I log in and start off with a mix of warm welcomes from friends in the morning and working away. In the middle of the day construction starts on the level above us and I'm annoyed. It's work hours! Business work hours. I'm truly and deeply thinking of visiting Toronto. I am in need of a little change. Take the Vacation that I never took. I eat lunch and right after I get on doing some news releases for some companies. I catch number error on one of them. In their file it was 92,000,00 .. and I questioned my boss... should it be 92,000,000? I was right. I wonder, what would have happened if I never caught that if it went out. Would it have caused havoc? I work till the end of the day and wrapped things up. Chat for a bit to the boss about the heads up that I may decided to take off at the end of Nov - early December. I am enlightened to know he's alright with it, but would like me to be okay to come in the days before cause he wants me to design whatever template designs maybe needed if they come in. I book the days that he wants me to come in ahead so I know the days he will be there to handle things as I am away. Now I am more ready to save to go to T.O. The world works in mysterious ways. Showing us steps and signs in directions through people, objects, dreams. It also largely has to do with timing. Some people that you never forget who have always been there but on the sidelines can some time come back to change it at the right moment. Back to the story of my day: I head to a station to meet the sis who takes me to go get the last of my things back from The X. I come home only to find that it looks like he never took the time to make sure everything was packed up, I feel like he just threw in everything and anything that reminded him of Me at it's first glance. I texted him a list. What is missing is not important, he can have what he didn't return. I head home distracted. I sort out some things to donate, keep and re-organize and recycle. I'm distraught till dinner time. My mood changes cause it's food? Eating makes me happy, working out makes me happier so I dance before dinner time. After I'm refreshed, chat with a FRN-Z Friend and after that a new friend. One who seems to work in the same industry as I do and sends me some useful links to not only help me earn more money to be successful but help me get there. I'm so grateful, Thank You. =) TO MY FRN-Z FRIEND: I looked through some old rave photo albums, the ones from the beginning and you were always there. Doing your thing as I did mine. You were there and I remember :♥
Though today my emotions have been unstable I return to feel what I felt this morning. Happy. Cause I know I'm loved, by someone out there.

Sleeping. Dreaming. Thinking about me.
As I Plan Away. I Smile On. I know who I am and what I'm striving for.
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