Friday, October 02, 2009

Excited and Craving

For More... Well this morning I woke up with a smile, I don't remember the last time I did. I decided to do something that some advised against but I just did it. I wrote a long e-mail to the mother of my X boyfriend. Apologizing for the fact that I was never really myself when I was around her. I also noted to her that I thought she was a great mom. Intimidating but still great. I thanked her for the memories, and wished her and her family nothing but the best. And that was it. That's the summary. I wrote to her in the spirit of a project that I've been planning to launch for sometime now. I took one step closer and contacted a friend to see if he would like to help me out with this project. Now it is in the works more than ever. Note: *You always need the right people to work with. It makes a difference. It really does.

I sign up with a design site to help me make some more income =) now I'm looking into all the rules and regulations. Before I can do anything else. Around Noon-ish I get an unexpected call from Toronto, all that showed up on my phone were digits. At first I had no idea who it was until they started asking about my day. It clicks in my mind cause the last time I heard their voice was years ago. All the way back in 2001. My lord, that was so long ago. But it was nice. Not too long after, my flight is booked. I find myself heading for T.O. at the end of Nov. I'm excited to see what this new 26th chapter in the book of my life will reveal. All new characters coming into the story. Old ones are leaving while others are returning to thicken the plot.
I wonder, what is Toronto known for? What charm can I get from there that I can add to my charm bracelet. I started watching a new television series my sister said I should watch, called: How I Met Your Mother. Neil Patrick Harris is just awesome in this series. It really makes me laugh. I wonder will I have kids one day and will I get the chance to tell them the story of how I met their father. I made dinner tonight, it didn't turn out perfect but it was good. Salmon, two styles. One is a bacon wrapped style with butter, onions, mushrooms spiced with pepper. And another is with lemon.

I had to remove some strips of bacon from the wrapped ones cause I was advised 4 was too many... and my dad was right... LOL. but Look at my pretty pics. mmmMmmmmmMMMm. I find myself constantly having to organize and re-organize since I'm pushing some things out of my life. Making way for new ones to come in. I have this bubble of positivity that currently surrounds me. I hope one day my friends you feel this with me and build upon it. ;) Hello and Goodbye.
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