Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Salam

If you don't know about this sandwich place in Surrey, you're missing out my friends.
It's the BEST! The best meat, the Cheese... the owner! ahhh I heart you Salam Kahil!

Located: 19080 - 96th Ave Surrey, BC.

There are two kinds of Libras... when we become social butterflies. we are daring and charming and.. there are the ones that have yet to spread their wings.  I'm spreading more than before. I'm letting the world see my colors. I hope they are beautiful, cause a butterfly never really sees the color of their own wings.

Today I've been listening to music by an artist named: LIGHTS
Really loving it right now. The music is very much , re-birth kind of style.  Really Great.

Mr.193 <3   you're like sunshine. You just seem to brighten up my days now.
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