Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm so in LIKE

I don't want to say it yet. So I won't. I'll just describe it as ... So in LIKE.
I'll smile at the thought of him. At what he said, what he wrote, what he wishes. I'm all smiles. ... I am all smiles. I feel so Loved right now. I want to feel this all the time, up and down... I feel this and I know I will be alright.
I think it's time to Make my 86 Things to do in life 100.
(+) Ride an Elephant (+) See A Great Wonder of The world (+) See A Great Wonder of Canada (+) Experience A Romantic Dinner, All Dressed Up (+) Try Clubbing, Just Once (+) Be Serenaded, I Wonder How This Feels... (+) Get Engaged (+) Dance in Random Place, with someone, Randomly (+) Hit 1,000 Subs On Youtube (+) Sit & Enjoy the fine tastes of Wine. (+) Visit An Historic Spiritual Place (+) Camping, So I Can Watch The Sun Set/Rise Over The Lake As I Sit Next To A Fire. (+) Receive A Message On A Napkin. (+) Have Great Photos Taken Of Me ( in someone elses POV of me ), So I See The Beauty They See In Me.
here is my list... GOALS IN LIFE...UPDATED
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