Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Keeps Me Going

I woke up this morning, check my messages <3 and find a message from my Mr.193. You're going to make me addicted to your messages. I showered and did something in my routine that I rarely do. Eat Breakfast. I rarely eat breakfast in the morning. Why? I'm never hungry in the morning. This morning... I thought I should since I need to make it all the way DT, hey why not. Indo Mei all the way. I get going out the door with dad all up in my ear about everything I already know ( as usual, since the split he's been over protective and treats me like I'm 16 -_- ) I'm already gone. His nagging caused me to be a bit late since I stopped to reply him a couple of times going back and fourth and I miss the bus when I was walking towards the bus stop. I didn't feel like running for it. Cause well.. I can catch the other one going the other way. The bus drivers this morning were very nice =) . I usually travel with headphones in my ear, but lately... I haven't, I guess I've gone back to watching the world. At work I start designing a website for a company in Surrey. I'm stumped part way doing it cause I'm restricted to design style. I burn out half way. I get a Jugo Juice Copa Banana and a large fries at Mc Donalds. The lady behind the counter was super nice too.. LOL .. Since large fries was all I ordered she was like.. "enjoy your large fries... don't eat too much. =)" hahahaha. still laughing at the fact. I head back up to the office to eat. I pass by two beggars. I don't know about the rest of the world, but I feel so heart broken when I walk by these people all the time. Am I too nice? I finish what I do by the end of the day and head home.

Oh yeah.. there's this white guy that works in my building that always seems to have a weird thing of looking at me. -_- but he never says anything to me. He looks at me like he knows me but I don't.. he sees me like he wants to talk to me but he doesn't. It's that awkwardness. FYI.. I think this guys like in his late 30's?? I dunno. JUST awkward!
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