Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MmmmM Noodles

I come from a noodle from family. Back home in Brunei, my uncle still runs the Noodle shop in Seria that was once started by grandpa. In Miri, Malaysia another branch of the Lo Noodle Family Shop. Today Dad brought me and cousin LX to go eat at a restaurant in Burnaby called Lao Shan Dong. A Homemade noodle shop restaurant. Located right across the street from Metrotown. I've been wanting to go eat there for a while and it was well worth it. Couldn't eat it all and had to pack up all the meat I couldn't finish but it was good. I wish dad didn't cheap out on the tip. But their service was fast and they didn't really come back to check up on us. But I would go back and eat there, sometime soon? I don't know about that. Another place of my favorite is somewhere I always go to get take out Downtown Vancouver. Is Alberni Market. The Auntie that preps the food there is great, she's so sweet and her food is so delicious. I tried to talk her into teaching me how to make Bibimbap but she assured me that it was difficult. OK then. She stopped selling Bibimbap for a while now and just the other day I ended up ordering B.D.B Oh my dear lord it was SO GOOD! photo of my lunch the other day on the right.

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