Friday, November 13, 2009

My Profile Is Gone?!

No no, It's still me that writes in this blog. I just added my big sis as an admin so she can interrupt my blog posts when she feels like ranting. Also when she feels like editing some stuff.  Friday the 13th. Well I had the best sleep after going to bed at 10:30 - 11pm at night. Woke up by B. who was having relationship problems and me being me. Always wants to be there for everyone that means something. The bus never came this morning, was about to run into an oncoming car catching the other going the other way. I valued my life more than being on time for work, so I chose to be late. But my work is cool that way so I just texted the boss with a heads up. Designed, Designed and Designed at work. After work I decided to go to Sportmart to buy some Hockey Tape to fix my crow mask that ripped apart as we were about the film the last bit of the day earlier this week. Only the find that the Sportmart downtown doesn't carry hockey tape. -_- I ended up heading down to Canadian Tire at Rupert station and got some there. Hitched a ride with the sis, got home wrapped the crow mask in success. It looks like new! Got yelled at by the father cause he thinks that I should run every little detail and decision that I make in my life through "the family"  ( he yelled at me over my cellphone plan which I pay for myself ) and designed Ry's little online banner. Which turned out to take forever cause of him switching photos in the middle ... etc ... finished it, now he owes me ..FOOD.
Time for bed.
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