Friday, November 06, 2009

Seeing Clearly

My blog title tonight is one that is for Frankie who just got his eyes lasered and is seeing 20-20 now. YAY *clapping my hands* So when he gets better he should check this sweet new design of a bike that I came across on dexigner. *click link here* But no, I'm also reflecting on the fact of seeing other things clearly.

My boss takes me out to lunch today since things have gotten a bit hectic at work. ALL of a sudden. There was a period of time when it was just once and while but then BAM there was all this work to do all at once. He's happy though at how things are going with the business and I think to myself if things happen to move in a different direction for me, how do I break it to him. I feel bad if I was just up and give notice that I'm leaving, *not yet* but really thinking about moving on in a sense. He goes on to tell me how some of my work thus far was done very well and how it went on get more work from different sources. The snowball effect. That's how it all works, a good job gets more jobs from different sources. I am however thinking in the back of my mind how much of my portfolio has grown and I think it's about time that I reworked it all. I love what I do, I love working at where I work cause hey, I'm the head designer on call right now and I have creative freedom. I do what I do then show the boss variations and make changes. I continue to do what I do cause I'm really good at it. It took some fine tuning, I have a lot more room to grow and I'm getting there.

I want to get to a point where if I'm thrown a concept or basic elements of a design, I can see what should come of it clearly, quickly. I get visions sometimes. Ideas that I spit out at my boss / bosses. I want to become so good that people are wanting to hire me. I don't have to walk in and apply and interview. They just want me to work for them. *smiles* I can keep the dream alive. hahaha.

Listening to Jeremy spinning on Ustream
. I think about the old days where the parties just pound in your chest and all you hear is beats long after the party is over. MmmMm blogging and bopping.. his mix is good *thumbs up*
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