Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shopping Therapy & Missing LX

Yup! I bought a Tokidoki. I couldn't help myself for 130$ Canadian. I found it at winners. I have one already but that was a gift from the X. I almost douche kicked some people when coming down the stairs from the skytrain. They were walking so slow that I missed my bus. I was SO MAD! then I went shopping. I got the bag at winners. I then went to Bestbuy and got my camera battery and a camera case for the Nikon Cool Pix I have. It's already got some scratches from being in my purse. Thank God it has a screen protector on it. I'm now thinking do I want to keep the bag, give it to my sister. Keep this one give the old one to the sister? cause I have a feeling her baby may color in the lines one day thinking it's a carrying coloring book. Should I pick up a new luggage case or make way with what I have. I think what I have will do. I have yet to expand it and I don't think I will be shopping THAT much in T.O. I'm there to take lots of pics. Make new friends, see old ones and create GREAT memories.
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