Monday, November 30, 2009

T.O. Day Three . Walking Exploring

After this morning I filmed and I left as I let it upload. I walked down Spadina and walked down towards Queen st. West. and stuck to one side going one way where I reached a park and turned back in time to head home. I hit up a couple and more stores that were in that area that were on my list, but I realized that the other shops I want to hit were further down. I hit up a trendy little shop and was tempted to buy my sister's little bundle of joy to be a gamma-go baby t-shirt. I also hit up another little rabbit stuffy that had a little rattle in it's head. Cute. Super Cute! I hit up Type, a nice little book shop that I can say I can spend more than an hour looking at the graphic books and other books they have in there. There I was tempted to get a children's book about a little rabbit as well for my sister. >_< I don't even know if it's a boy or a girl yet! Right next door The Paper Place. Where I was amazed to see some new innovative pop up calenders, very artistic calenders. I ended up buying some little Christmas presents for my sister and Ran-Ran. On my trip around I hit up the Magic Pony and Some other shops. I go return to DeSerres and get the materials for the painting that I'm planing to do as I'm in town for Frankie as a present return for allowing me to be here. I get a deal on canvases as they are on sale for 20$ for 5 pieces! Great Deal! I bought some paints. Make my way home drop off all my things. Got ingredients to make dinner and ingredients to bake cookies. Frankie did most of the cooking for dinner, as I did more of the baking stuff. Well I can't say that he did help with the mixing of the dough. =) We end the night watching a funny English Automobile Show called Top Gear. And it's time to hit the hay. More exploring for me tomorrow. I think I'll take the street cars around. I don't know where I may be going, but hey. Getting lost sometimes is half the fun and excitement.
There is something that I am really starting to love about this city. Even though I only walked about a couple of hours today. I'm visually full. The graffiti art here is amazing! it's on random things and personally I think some of them are done very well. It's so different than the tagging that I see everywhere in Vancouver. Who cares about tagging, if people see your name everywhere. Your name is nothing if you aren't contributing back in some way to make something more creatively more interesting. The character designs I see, the art. Though this city is a mix of a lot of old and a mix of fresh and trendy. The art is one thing that I'm loving that I see everywhere. They are so randomly placed. for an example. I walked down and saw a broken piece of a skateboard on a street lamp posted about 7 feet or so up. It had a face. For some reason that was interesting to me. I need to get some more supplies for Frankie's art pieces. I bought ten canvases. so look out. I'm going to be painting and filming soon. =)
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