Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

So different. I know this, that everything is different when you're on your own. You get used to it. You get comfortable. You forget how to give and receive love to a certain point. You save that love for yourself because it makes you stronger that way. I worked out for about an hour today. Thinking and asking from myself to be smarter, stronger and love harder. I received my books and cd from Leona Lewis' new cd, City Walks Vancouver and a four volume book that was created by one of my teachers I had at the Art Institute of Vancouver. Michael. He was a great teacher, even though he was so relaxed. He encouraged me to just do what I wanted to, to know I tried. That I put myself out there, what ever the project it is I'm trying to do. May it be my clothing line, my own freelance design company, my fine arts. I tried and no one will belittle me for it. Cause it may be more than others can say that have ever done in their lives. These are my life experiences.

Am currently planing to film my youtube intro to project to you.

There are a number of things that I am pursuing to do. Goals that are currently running parallel. Though many of them are running parallel, they are all in some way moving forward like me in life. My Projects, My Book, My Youtube, My Fine Arts, My Graphic Arts, My Singing / Song writing (< secretly working on that only a few know about ), The Companies that I work for. A lot of these things I'm building from bare bones, but I'm there regardless. I haven't lost faith in the fact and in my abilities. I've always had that mind set that whatever it is I do, I will with every being of me make it the best it can possibly be. Always believing in myself that I have and will always try to have the golden touch. I don't believe I'm the best of the best but sometimes I have to. Not only that I have to believe and try to be better.

I don't need Santa to give me what I want, because he can't. He can't make me wiser, smarter, stronger with a mere object. I have to do this myself.
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