Monday, December 21, 2009

Deep Thoughts

I know I'm almost back to my usual unhealthy routine of staying up late and being nocturnal. But only because I've been in deep thought. I'm currently outweighing the risks, the possible out comes. Chances. Just woke up not too long ago. Noonish? I cry, feeling like I've been needing to cry for a while. I feel sad. Thinking.

Sorting my photos from Toronto. Wanting to burn my photos but I need an early footage from CN tower from Frankie before doing so.

I'm currently pushing forward and designing / setting up my project to you blog page. I realized how I should set the whole thing up and feeling that blog style maybe the best way. I can label the messages and what's more amazing that came across my thoughts is that the message can be replied to. So when the writer reads them it will be as though a response from different people and maybe perhaps the one that the message was intended for.
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