Thursday, December 24, 2009

Emotions of Dreams

I woke up from a strange dream. I dreamt that I was with DC ( which I don't think would even happen ) I was in a strange world. I ended up going to this house with him and it was strangely owned by gangsters ( Trust me when I say this dream is very strange ) well it was very ghetto to the point where they were extracting drugs from certain plants and drying what ever powder it was they needed everywhere around just on newspapers. ( I thought to myself wow these are horrible drug manufacturers! ) Then all of a sudden we were forced to extract a special mix where some of the elements are from fruits. I didn't want to die by the hands of gangsters no matter how bad they were. I extract it and DC takes the extracted powder and goes into the next room to package it for them. I looked outside to the weather and said to them that they may want to worry about the snow. I asked the lady who seemed to be the god mother of them all weather if they had umbrellas. She laughs at me saying she likes me, that I have enough courage to speak to her especially about something they needed, she lets me and DC go. Before we leave I give him a big hug, he does something unexpected. He leans in towards me and hugs me tighter. I ask him if everything is alright. He says yeah. We walk side by side on the way home. He walks down the street, I'm shocked and ask, this is your house?! ( Which it isn't cause I know what his house looks like ) I am shocked and say, "You live down the street from drug dealers?~!" He replies yes, bad location. I turn to look down the street, it's by a marina, a large building that resembles an old ship was there and I compliment how beautifully built it was. I don't enter his house as I did attempt to, I'm transported somewhere else. I'm traveling around on my own in this large mall. I go store to store and I realize I'm in an upscale mall. However the people that were there were gossiping about their friends and their children were running a muck about the store. My temptation to scold the children as they were singing out loud and annoyingly was very strong. I exit the store and continue on. I make my way to this section of the mall where surprisingly there was a cut off and window view to a baseball field. ( I don't like baseball ) My camera was dangling across my neck and I thought it would be great if I could get a couple shots. Someone else had the same idea until the flash became annoying to the players practicing on the field not so far away and requested the shutters to be closed. I turn to see a group of guys that I once knew from high school. I was never too close to them, but their eyes and faces were the same. I looked at them and said hello, the sad thing is that they were there for trip. These guys didn't look the same anymore, I looked at them and could tell they were sick. They were pale and balding / some wearing head coverings. They say hello back searching for my name in their minds. I tell them that I went to High School with them and was visiting from out of town. Their eyes light up when they remember who I am, but they quickly come to tell me why they are there and what it is they have. Cancer. Different kinds though. I didn't know what to say. I put on a brave face as they tell me, as they shook my hand to say hello. I wanted to cry.
I woke up.
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