Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meditation of Me

I had to let go of the overwhelming emotions. Not only the sickness I was feeling from my bre-lu-din. But returning to what really matters, Me. My dreams, that have now been my goals for so long. Toronto was life changing. It put in line my goals. I visited art studio - galleries there and was like... this is what I dream of. I saw a spaces and just thought, art show. I'm on vacation and I still indulge in the thoughts of my passion. But what set my emotions a stir was Love. like I said before love is a tough tough thing. But this is what I chanted to myself as I sat up in my bed in lotus form and one hand in prayer before my forehead another before my heart, aligned, I breathe slowly in and out. I say to myself the following.

Let Go.
I breathe for me.
I live for my happiness.
I live for the love of me.
I smile for the love of me.
I will pursue my dreams, my goals.
I will live life with passion and love.
Of me.
Align me with the universe.
Let me be Free.
Let me be happy.
Let Me Let Go.
I must let go.
Let Go.
(here I placed my hands together and thumb touching thumb I created an open diamond here I concentrated as I chanted)
*open diamond on my forehead*
Let Go. Of the thoughts of wants.
Let Go. of the thought of love,
of sadness.
of possessions.
of everything.
of everyone.
Can you let go?
Let Go.
Think openly.

*open diamond over my mouth*
Let Go.
of negative words.
Let Go. Speak not.
of broken promises.
of lies.
of hurtful words.
Let Go.
Speak from the heart.
with pure honesty.

*open diamond over my chest*
Let Go.
of love.
of the ones you Love.
Let Go.
of what the heart desires.
Let Go.
They are un-needed.
You are loved by your love.
Let Go.
And Love Purely.

*open diamond over my stomach*
Let Go.
be hungry.
Let Go.
Feed on happiness.
Eat healthy.
Let Go of the feelings
The emotions that dwell.
Let Go.

*Breathe Deeply*
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