Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Special Requests

I did something this morning where I just took a deep breath and did it. Too bad it took most of the day to get my reply to little questions I asked. I got the reply during my filming of Comment Comment Time 2 Video. So Thanks DC for doing that.

I went to metrotown to meet up with Chris for Christmas lunch. I was in station square and awaiting for his arrival when I saw a member of my roller hockey team. He didn't recognize me at first, but when he took the second look it clicked. He asks if Trevor was inside. I felt awkward I hate talking about it. I say no. He broke up with me. He jokingly says in a comforting way, "That bastard! I'll check him or something next time I play hockey with him." We separate and I await for Chris' arrival. Taking Chris *God Bro* for Christmas lunch. He picked Uncle Willy's. I haven't eating anything since then. I feel the food still in my system. We ate in there. We both have stories where we got sick as kids there and we returned to find it's like a time capsule in there. The same decor and probably kind of food. As adults we see foods at a different perspective. We were afraid.

Filming this comment comment time is different after I got a special request from a youtube fan and I also filmed differently using the xacti. I did a drawing of anime from the top of my head and time lapsed it. Video editing took so long.
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