Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thinking About Christmas & New Years

I can't say it hasn't crossed my mind or my heart. The fact that this will be my first year out of many that I will be on my own. Experiencing these joyous holidays. It's strange and sad to say that even though I was in past relationships. I must confess that I can't even say that I've been passionately kissed under a mistletoe or even on new years day. ( I guess I am a romantic ).

I've been working away. Setting up 2 more blog sites. One is for my project_to: you. ( haven't set up the blog design ). Another is my "Clever Canary". A company that me and my close friend had wanted to partner and start but she got really busy as she is a work-a-holic. Not to say that I'm not as I'm more of the freelance work and don't mind all that much dealing with personal clients, building on my goals a lot on the side. Anyways. The blog for clever canary I have decided to create for a one stop source of favorites. The best of the best that I've come across. Sourced for other fellow friends, new comers, where it also lets people contact me and send me other great links to source. I really have to go through my bookmarks now and sort everything out. This allows me to source everything that I need wherever and whenever, just as long as I have internet, for whomever I'm working for. I maybe leaking some of my personal secret sites I love. But, I think this is a blog that is more focused on that career of my life. I fell asleep last night around 8:30pm. Working away at setting the blog up. I woke up today around 5am and went right back at it.

Tonight. A Christmas Party.
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