Monday, December 07, 2009

T.O. Day Ten , The Incredible Charm Search

Well I decided today that I would explore more of my city walks cards. I did a matter of 3-4 of them in one go today. The harbourfront was one card and i spent the whole day. But today I we determined to do a bunch as I was willing to spend the money on the transportation. I go to the station and I wanted to get another weekly pass, cause I knew that i would be going all over the place. But they were all sold out. So I had to purchase some tickets. The man at the booth at Spadina Station was kinda soft spoken and didn't speak clearly to those who were trying to talk to him and he was trying to explain to them. I had to interpret for two different people what he was trying to say to them. -_- he was busy writing on his piece of paper with his marker what he needed to write. I just wanted to get to my first destination point of the day. Bloor Street West Village. This little strip just reminded me of an old style mall, it's what you would find in a little town and it's the equivalent to a Robson in a village. I did stop at the Green Mango for a bite to eat since I left the house eating nothing in the morning.
I then walked by other destination that were recommended to stop at on the city walks but I just skipped by them. I walked the strip visiting shops here and there, taking everything in as the snow came gently down in the city. I come by a Christmas card that when I read it just made me think of Frankie. Why? on the front it said. "Dance as though no one is watching you. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth.” He does this regardless if I'm next to him and I heart him for it. It's strange... ahh blah. I didn't get the Christmas card.
I move on and walk into a Chapters that used to be a theatre and I take some shots of what can be seen as the remains of this. I go in search of my charms and I hit up a nice little gourmet cookie bakery called The Sweet Flour. I get two cookies. A candy shop I wanted to go to was closed. :( sucks. I walk on, I take some pictures outside of a bakery and as mas who sees me as he approaches then smiles and asks me to take his picture. ♥ I do and I grow to love this city a little more.
I head on down the street and back to they subway to make my way back towards the city again. I get off at Christie Station and walk down Bloor Street some more.
I make my way through Korea town.
all the way down to Spadina and turning, I walk all the way to Kensington Market . I spot tons of great visual candy. (where I picked up some earrings).
I make my way through onto Chinatown. ( Trust me this is a long walk, I had spent enough on transportation ) I was however taking photos during this walk. I go onto some shops in Chinatown thinking I would find the Charm, I don't. Chinatown jewelers are hardcore in the sense that they only have gold and white gold. It's really strange. I do pick up a charm though, a little piggy to represent the year of the pig that I was born. I walk on down Spadina, I'm too tired to walk any more and Street Car down the street back home. I get home, upload my photos and laid down for a bit to rest as Frankie comes home from work. We head out to get him suited for a traditional East Indian wear for his friends upcoming wedding. I sneak a photo of him in the one he looks best in. He's all smiles as he looks at his fine self in the mirror. hahaha. *smiles* We then go for Pho, at pho 88 on Spadina and then we head on home to spray and put up the painting. I think it was this night that I showed Frankie light painting. I really don't know what his reaction to it was, since well I was hard to read him by now. I think he was purely concentrating on his trip back to Vancouver by now. I understand.
We didn't get it all up, but tomorrow it will be up. And I may have to dedicate a full night to painting the one for the bedroom. Night world. Sweet dreams as I head off to bed now. That is my summary of the day.
What's happening tomorrow? My incredible charm search goes on. :D I'm so determined I'll be so upset if I don't find a Toronto Charm in Toronto.
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