Tuesday, December 08, 2009

T.O. Trip Day Eleven . Gallery Row, Eatons Centre

I traveled around today first visiting a location I did not find on my first day of exploring on my own because I realized that it was further down then I had wanted to go. I street car down Spadina transferring cars and going down to Gallery Row, Queen Street West. Art + Design District. It was a bad day to hit it up since a lot of the galleries don't run on regular work hours, they are all opened near the end of the week. I think to myself maybe I should have done the research. I went into a couple of galleries any ways even if they were working on the displays for the next upcoming show. I don't care! I'm a fellow artist that's about to leave town. Though I must say I was intrigued and amused at what I did get a chance to see.
I saw this one piece that just touched me, it was in the Ontario Crafts Council Gallery area where I saw this one work of art which when you look upon it is simply a display of spoons hanging from a spoon rack. You walk up and you realize the spoons have braille on them. A poem was written on these spoons in braille. This piece was called Love Spoons. I don't know personally why this touched me. I felt it's meaning before I can comprehend it at the moment. *smirk* Taste Love, I wonder how that is like. I carry on the rest of day walking down gallery row, snapping photos here and there.

I make my way down to Eaton Centre. I get lost in The Bay. I was so big. So Very Very Big! I eventually find my way into the mall and I walk about it. Twice, just to get the feel of the mall. Everyone scrambling about to do their Christmas Shopping. I can't even think about Christmas this year, It's going to be so different. I'm going to spend it on my own for the first time in so long. I find my charm and soon after I head out and go to Canadian Tire for picture hanging strips for the other canvases that have yet to be hung. I explore one of my City walks maps soon after. Not before I head myself over the Yonge & Dundas Square to film a bit. I follow my map. I make my way down Victoria St. and I find myself walking by the Massey Theatre. Walk along and end up in St. Michael's Cathedral. Gorgeous. More than 160 years old. Why was I so compelled to go in? Michael is on my Angels whose day I was born on. I'm still looking for those charms. I walk about and make my way home just after I get to the Maple Leaf Gardens, I head on back to Yonge and Dundas and take the subway and street car home. I wait for Frankie for dinner but he ends up working late.
I walk on over the Sobey's across the street and get myself something for dinner and enough for breakfast. Salads and cooked carrots. I eat alone :( but that's okay I know he's a hard worker. There's lots of stuff he needs to wrap up before heading out of town. While he was working away I was video editing a time lapse video of the painting I did while here in Toronto. He comes home, I tell him about my day and I show him the charm that I found. CN tower, ehh I was there. But I do find it really amazing how you just walk out to the streets from where I'm staying and just see it. Right there. In your face! He packs and around 11pm, I got him to paint with me. I have never painted a painting with anyone that wasn't with a teacher. I really wanted to experience this with him. I just asked him to spread around some black paint for the back drop of the art pieces that will go into his bedroom. He goes to bed at 12a. and I stay up to finish the painting. I finish it at 2:15am and wash up by 2:20am and head off to bed. On it I write. To: Frankie, Love SzeYun Lo.
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