Thursday, January 21, 2010

Going Back To Work

Last night Darren took me out to great sushi in Coquitlam to a place on Barnet Hwy. Named Osamu. We ordered some of my favorites to eat. Edimame, Vegetable Tempura, and a dish that was composed of variety of fresh sushi.
After dinner we returned to his place and watched the hockey game together. His prediction was dead on about the outcome of the game. He did miss the tie up goal though of the night. He was in the washroom for 3 seconds and missed it. He drops me off and hugs me goodbye.

I return to work. It turns out to be a really hectic day as I slowly ease it back to work. Fighting the urge to want to sleep through it all. At the end of the day, I rush back to the lab after work to drop of a little present for them to test. And I head on home, not before stopping the mall to window shop. Looking for random things here and there. Before hopping onto the bus for home.
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