Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Weekend

My weekend was spent with my friend. I'd have to say, though there were a few emotional ups and downs. I was very much relaxed over this weekend. We hit up Richmond as he took me to eat some Taiwanese Fried Chicken with Rice. ( I had been craving KFC this week and this hit that craving too *smiles* ) It was very good. We hit up Micheal's and I purchase a large canvas for a painting for a client. Who seems to want a water effect design for a new series of bottles. I debated if I wanted to go small, but then the more I thought about it, go big or go home. We head on over to future shop. I run out of luck for my search for headset for my iphone, since my original one was broken. ( My friend ends up giving me his since he didn't think he'd need it anyways. I was skeptical when he gave it to me, but he assured me it was universal and would work.. it did. ) He was unable to find a cellphone case for his phone. We were tired out and head on home to rest. He makes crackers, with cheese spread and smoked salmon ( from smoked salmon that his dad made ) as we watched TV. He shows me a lure he made from his tackle boxes of little bits and pieces from his fishing gear. I ask him questions. I keep liking him more and more, I don't know how to tell him. His ability and willingness to learn new things that have to do with his passion. The fact I see him talk about his love of fishing with a passion ( the fact that fishing is his passion, that he even has one ) makes me like him more. As I sat there next to him on the couch, looking at all his fishing gear and the lure that sat upon his coffee table, I come to realize that fishing is very much it's own art. It takes creativity, time, and effort and like any good artist the understanding and appreciation of mother nature.

Sunday: I cried this morning, thinking about it. I had the need to be held, I couldn't help but ask "What if" again as I'm still waiting for the test results to come in ( I couldn't ignore the fact that even though I felt so much better, one of the symptoms I can't ignore so easily had returned and had been with me since Thursday through to Saturday. ) Me and Darren go for sushi again but for lunch this time. Darren tells me I look like I have more color today than the last two days when I was with him. ( I want to tell him what's up, but he doesn't want me to think that way. ) I joke about why I seem to have more color today than usual, we smile about it. After lunch I'm dropped off at home to find that dad was worried about me over the weekend thinking that I had taken drugs and took two days to recover or something. @_@ . I tell him. Dad, I was not drugged, nor have I ever taken drugs. But I come home to sleep a bit, blog, eat dinner, wash dishes, vacuum my room and some areas in the house which I later on mop. I head on over to my sisters place to drop off the baby clothes I had bought for Baby Ethan and to also check up on him. I head on home to finish what I had yet to record over the weekend. I come home and my stomach churns a little. I'm starting to get very tired of feeling sick. Though I don't feel this throughout the whole day like I did before. It still brings me to feel sad when I feel slightly sick everyday. I feel like it's never going to end. I don't want to take the pills cause I don't know if they even help. I just want to feel very much like ME again at 100%
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