Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh So Pretty!

Today was full of visiting stores all around town. From Vancouver to Coquitlam. After a breakfast of grilled cheese sandwiches and soup. I traveled down to Voltage Land introducing Darren to the wonderful world of vinyl toys. I was on a mission again looking for the color Mr. TTT and to no avail was I able to find one for baby Ethan. But I did see something and got a set of Vancouver 2010 vinyl toys of the mascots for my sister. I finally got myself a Teddy Trooper since the first one I got in the blind box was not a bear but a skull. Darren seems to like to accessorize the Teddy Trooper with some of his fishing gear as I now take snap shots of it. I got a new series named Yoka ( hoping to have snagged a panda one ) but with no luck I got a weird design of a cross dressing bear. I got a small zipper pull of gloomy bear. Surprisingly I got a the secret one from the blind box.
After hitting up the vinyl toy store we visited this small shop that sells Pork & Beef Jerky, some of the best in town. On Fraser Street. We walked in to an empty little shop with nothing behind the counters but a price sheet on an empty display case. The smell of smoked meat in the air. The lady behind the counter says hi and I say hi in return before she goes into the back. Returning soon after to take our orders. Darren wanted half a pound of each. One pork, one beef. Only to have the lady return to tell us that they were all sold out of pork. So we settled with one pound. She disappears into the back and returns with a bag. Weighing it before sealing it for us. We head on later on to this hobby shop that I've always wanted to check out only to find out after entering that it was only full of miniature trains. People with the imagination of conductors. We soon head back to Coquitlam going to to Yamaha along the way. Checking out a scooter in the window that I've seen every time going by the store. This time it was more than just a gander as we entered the store and tried it out. Sitting on it reassured me that it's really something I want. For me. I've always in a way been a two wheeler kind of girl but getting a sport bike is only second to getting a scooter. The sport bike would only get dad more worried about my self being. But the Vino is Oh So Pretty! :) We soon go to Pearl Fever to get some BBT before heading to Safeway for getting groceries for dinner. Tonight we made chicken pot pie. Yummy! :)
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