Saturday, March 06, 2010

Upsetness To The Max

Well I went out and bought a couple things for my mac.
The Snow Leopard upgrade and more importantly ilife'09 to I can edit my videos faster and better. I feel so behind in my videos for youtube that my purpose has been slipping.

I also bought ram to upgrade my comp but after researching, I figured I'm going to return the 1Gig since I need 2 and I just bought one. I'm going to go return the 1Gig and get 2,2Gigs so I ramp up my comp from 1gig to 4 gigs of ram.

I'm currently deleted unwanted files. moving them off to my external hard drive.
but I think I accidentally deleted a file I really need. Now I'm scanning my comp with a recovery program. Which I probably will have to purchase. To recover this file. I feel like I need to learn how to hack or something. So I don't need this programs to do it. I was so upset when I found out about the missing file that I almost cried. This file is one that I record all my spending and income on so when it comes to income tax time all I need to know and file is in one place. ( Yes I'm very business like in that sense ). Sigh... as the program runs I guess I'll go do some house chores that have been neglected.
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