Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Game, First Goal of the Season

I cleaned up my room a bit this morning. I had plan A and plan B of how I would make it to today's game. In the end I bussed it and sky-trained it down to a station where a friend would pick me up and take me to the arena, and back.

As I prepped myself and walked out of the house. I looked up to the sprinkling sky. I knew it wasn't raining hard, so my Canada hoodie would be alright. I know, it's not waterproof. But I'm not a doll made of glass and I won't melt in the rain. I strap the hockey bag to my back and grab my hockey stick in the other. I didn't want to bother with an umbrella. I look up and let a little rain fall on my face. I smile because I think to myself... This is the only way I can honor you Mia, this is all I have left to offer you, watch over me today. I walk by a neighbor who's carrying his child on his shoulders. He smiles at me and I smile back. :) I continue on my way to the bus stop. The ride is short when I hit the station. When I did hop onto the train, a guy started to talk to me...we chatted about hockey, about what we did and in the end we parted ways introducing ourselves to one another. His name was Darcy. I found it kind of weird speaking to him. I had to hold my composure because everything he said seemed like it was a question. Example... I am an accountant? ... *thinking to myself...was that a question?* no no, he was nice young man. When I step out of my station, to meet my friend. I'm glad there is no more rain. Daddy Toshi picks me up from the station and takes me over to the arena. He used to play goalie for us but he doesn't anymore this season :( .He had to watch over the team today and played a manager role. :P . Apparently today was the first official game of the season. Half the team is full of new faces. Me being me...introduced myself. There's one thing I learned when it comes to being in a team. It's more comfortable and free flowing when they know your name and you know theirs. So when you say something encouraging addressing them, it makes everything much easier. Let me see if I can remember their names. I'm so awful with names. Jason, Steve, Sal, Ravi, and Marco? I hope that's right. @_@ . At first I was feeling a bit uneasy at the fact that I was the only girl there. The game went on and the strange thing is that people seemed to keep showing up after the game started. We were down at first and then everyone started to play together and got into it. The boys started the score it up...and a few later I make a goal! yay! and I do my tradition of flashing our goalie. OK OK. This is actually a tradition I do.. After every goal I have ever scored... I flash who ever the goalie is. This made some of the guys on my team warm to me.. Don't get me wrong. I'm always wearing something under my jersey ... this time I was wearing a long sleeve under armor. So I'm not really flashing anything... it's only a gesture. I don't know why but I felt like I was more focused in skating and control. I didn't even fall. After the game even Toshi commented on it. Wondering if I'd practice my skating. The truth is I haven't. I've just been training on my legs ... running. When I was walking home from the bus stop, I thought to myself. Could it have been, was she watching me? I'm not embarrassed when I take my gear onto the bus or the sky train. I have no fear in doing something I need to do it especially when I'm doing it because I gave my word.

My word know no bounds.

I apologize to Chris today and tell him everything I had to cope with the last seven months or so. He tells me I shouldn't have went through that on my own, that he would always be there when needed. I replied... I know.

I've kept what I've kept from certain people, because there are those I couldn't stand to see and watch their heart break if they were to know to stand by and support me. The theory of what they don't know won't hurt them.
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