Thursday, April 29, 2010

Canucks Jersey & Lint Shaver

Where do I start with today's blog. I've been ... NOT wanting to get out of bed in the mornings. I've been feeling more tired and tired lately. Regardless if I work out or not...I'm pooped at the end of the work day. and I don't do much at work... besides sit in front of the comp and type and click and design away.

I was feeling pretty good this morning... up until end of work as I was leaving I go to the washroom cause my stomach has been cramping randomly the past few days. Today's uncomfortable shooting pain was near my belly button on my right hand side... I also get mild chest aches that are accompanied with shortness of breath... I tear up in the stall thinking... "I don't wanna go back to the doctors" and I stop myself from crying. I ... disassociate myself with the pain and that is that. I don't wanna think about that anymore.

I had to do something to pick myself up from the on and off of not feeling so well, so I went shopping. I missed the bus again so ... off to the mall we go. I'd been thinking lately of getting a Canucks jersey... I've never had one before so might as well get it now...I've also been looking for a lint shaver and found it at bed bath and beyond. I was looking for this avon skin care face wash, but I guess I may have to order it online.

I was thinking of signing up for the Sun Run, but I realized I have school that weekend. So, I guess I'll sign up for another run...maybe something with a cure for cancer.

I'm gonna spend the rest of the night... lint shaving the shit out of clothes with lint.. LOL ... I'm easily amused by little things.
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