Monday, April 05, 2010

Making Sweet Music

Ahhh.. I'm not a pro. It's more like my dirty little secret. Singing and song writing.
I can't sing very well, better than some, but I'm working on it... I know... But I have some kind of talent. If you heard some of my songs ... you'd know but only a handful or so of close friends have had the pleasure so... sorry blog, no dice!

Well I just made three songs three days... _ re-sang two of them. Changing the songs. One new one. Produced the tracks to them ( background music ) ... frustrating recording when you hear tons of noise in the background from various people in the house... and the dog.. oh the dog how he snores! The last two songs are the most intense... I tried to pair some of my other old songs with some beats but... I think I have to re-think their tune... so they are good. The best one I guess is a toss between the last two songs. One I wrote a while back which was inspired by Frankie. It was so intense listening to that compilation of beats and strings and .. ahh intense when I was recording it.. but .. I think it's way better than the original... with music and vocally. Sundeep agreed :P .. Love crime... another intense one. I wrote beginning of January. When I felt really weak and broken down. Why is all my creativity right now towards music? why are all these tunes popping in my head? or lyrics or what not. ahhhh @_@ ... brain.. give me pictures to paint already. Let me pick up that brush and paint the world something silly beautiful. < I know that is bad grammar but I'm talking slag! so there... :P
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