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My Mind Was Blown Away

Libra Horoscope for April 2010
By Susan Miller

You may be feeling relief now that you've made it to April. This will be a slower, less pressure-filled month, and you will get a chance to take a deep breath and collect your thoughts. You are coming off a rather depressing full moon in Libra, March 29 plus or minus four days. That full moon made certain realities very clear in a kind of matter-of-fact way, which is never easy. Saturn fell very close to that full moon, giving everyone, of every sign, a sobering view of life, but because it appears in your constellation, you may have felt it more than most. As you begin April, you may still be thinking about what came up, but know that with every passing day in the first week of April you'll be feeling better.

The good news - which may seem near miraculous - is that Saturn will temporarily leave Libra to return to Virgo to complete a cosmic assignment that was left undone last October. Saturn will be out of Libra from April 7 to July 21 and this has to be really joyous news!

If you were born at the end of September, you may now be feeling deliriously happy - you will feel the biggest sense of calm and relief, for you have put in six months in cosmic boot camp and must be longing for a little breather by now. Saturn added responsibilities to your shoulders and put you in a more "grown up" setting recently and now you will get a chance to adjust to those changes at your own pace. A feeling that life has become new and different in some way always accompanies a Saturn trend, for it is what this planet does. It is through adapting to change that we grow, and certainly Saturn wants to see growth!

... As they say, wherever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Still, this type of underhanded antics can take a toll on you, so be good to yourself in coming months. You need to keep an eye on your health and improve your habits. Make sure every morsel you eat this month is something that's good for you.

Two days that will shine brilliantly for health will be April 16-17. Use those days to find the perfect gym, or hire a trainer or sports instructor, or see a doctor, nutritionist, or any other health professional. Jupiter will send a lovely missive to Venus, your ruler, then from your sixth house of fitness. Investigate your options!

Other days that shine for health will be April 23 and 24 when new technology and new scientific discoveries could be very helpful to your condition. If you have a chronic health problem that begs for a better solution, you should keep searching for answers. This year, 2010, you will have Jupiter in your house of preventative health measures (sixth house), and that is always the best placement of Jupiter for forging a health breakthrough. Statistics show that most people spend more time researching their vacation than their health concern. My goodness, you don't want to be like those people! See several specialists if necessary! This year is your magical year for health!

Now let's turn to your most personal relationship with your spouse or live-in, long-term sweetheart. Your partner apparently wants more attention, and so give in - your undivided time and attention is the single most precious gift you can give someone. The new moon of April 14 will be very romantic and inspirational, especially if you are dating, married, or living together. This month attached Libras have the edge.

You may decide to get engaged this month, but if so, if you can, delay announcing your plans (and buying the ring) until next month, after May 13, the new moon. Your chart shows a strong emphasis on finances - something I will discuss in more detail in a moment - so make sure you aren't jumping into marriage for only economic reasons. This seems to be a driving motivation now - even in your decision to stay or leave a relationship - but as I always say, things done only for the money get old all too soon. You need better reasons.

Of course, if you are linking up in a business sense, say, by hiring an agent or publicist, or signing a business partner, then profit would be the right reason. Those kinds of collaborations are also covered by the aspects this month - all sorts of "coupling up" in the romantic or business sense will begin to form an important theme in April.

If you are not dating or haven't found anyone special lately, you might after Venus enters Gemini from April 24 to May 19, nearly a month. Use this time to update your look too, for if you buy a new outfit or get your hair restyled (even if you are one of my male readers), you will like the changes you make.

Mars is now moving ahead even more rapidly than it did last month, and because Mars is in your social sector, you have a really grand potential to expand your circle of friends quite a bit this month. A fast moving planet is one that can help you far more than one that moves like a little turtle. You can make friends - and connect with friends - through clubs, both on and offline, and also bring your partner into the mix so that you both enjoy a more relaxing time.

No matter what your marital status, romance will be best on these days: April 7, 8, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, and 25-30.

As I mentioned earlier, your finances seem to concern you quite a bit lately, and by month's end, April 28, plus or minus five days, it will be time to send a hefty check. It's also possible that people who owe you will begin to finally pay up. This month's full moon will be in fine angle to Pluto, so you will have help with banks for mortgages, home improvement loans, or even financial support from family or an ex-spouse.

If you are self-employed, be sure to remind people who owe you that you are waiting for payments. Do so in writing so that they can't say that they lost your invoice or that their mainframe blew up. I have heard the most creative excuses about why people have not paid me over time... Don't give them any room for those excuses, dear Libra!

Mercury will retrograde in your eighth house of credit / payments owed / scholarships / child support and other funds that come from outside sources, and that is why I worry that checks to you will run late. If they do run late, you may either have contingency plans, such as to dip into savings, or to get a loan from the bank or another source to bridge you until the money shows up. Mercury will retrograde in your financial sector from April 18 to May 11, but you will feel the slowdown to events earlier, as soon as April 8.

This means you would do best to refrain from making any key financial moves in most of April and during the first half of May. If you have to close on a house, see if you can wait to do so after May 13, and the same is true if you need to accept a job. It would not be wise to purchase anything expensive while Mercury is retrograde either, so either buy your computer or new iPhone in the first week of April or table your expensive purchase to mid-to-late May. Conditions are changing and so are your needs, dear Libra.

Your home and family will also begin to become more important in coming weeks, due to an impending lunar full moon eclipse coming at the end of June. Also, Pluto's turn to retrograde starting this month from April 6 to September 14 means its time to do the repairs and maintenance to your home that you've been putting off. There's no more reason to wait - this is a good time to schedule them.

Pluto points to the very foundations of a dwelling, so you may want to take a crowbar to the walls to change the layout, add insulation, or redo the basement. Repairs are well scheduled now too, so go ahead, paint the walls to make them fresh and new. Pluto also rules dark, hidden spaces and all rubbish, so you may want to clean out closets in the coming weeks. You can feel good about packing up the things you no longer use and giving them charity. You may feel very energized to do so just before or after the full moon lunar eclipse June 26, but if you like, you can start now.

Overall, this month will seem lighter and happier than previous months. Saturn is retreating from Libra, from April 7 to July 21. Saturn periods always make us feel that time is short, but for now, with Saturn moving back to Virgo, there'll be no need to feel pressured. Your only focus should be to keep yourself strong and healthy, for in the coming months life will soon become demanding again, with many people coming to you for direction and answers.

All through 2010, Jupiter, the great planet of healing and vitality, will help you get into the best shape of your life if you take the initiative. As in all phases of astrology, if you take no action, nothing much will happen! You do have to show the universe your intent to trigger the help!

As a result of Saturn's recent visit to Libra last October, you've been thinking about how to give your life more form and substance. At the end of last month (March), the full moon in Libra clarified your goals and helped you plan your future with a greater sense of certainty. It may have been a sobering moment, though, as Saturn is the no-nonsense planet that doesn't "dress" its news very delicately - he's more like the demanding teacher you had in eighth grade who didn't smile very much but did teach you in a way that made you remember every fact, even if you did so reluctantly!

In April you will focus on your closest romantic or business alliance and find ways to solidify it for the long term. Your need to join forces will be very strong, both in your personal and professional life. However, with Venus, your ruler, visiting a financial house for most of April, and Pluto signaling the new moon, April 14, your impetus to couple up may be based on economic reasons.

That said, of course, if you are forging a serious business alliance, profit would be your motive. In your personal life, however, if you are thinking of marriage because "two can live as cheaply as one," your heavy emphasis on finding ways to live more affordably could be coming up in an impulsive manner, so don't be rash. Be sure you aren't allowing your short-term financial situation to drive your long-range plans. Hopefully you have several other reasons to commit to this union.

The new moon April 14 will bring you the chance to move ahead assertively to draw up partnership plans. Mercury will be retrograde shortly thereafter on April 18, however, so make plans but wait until after May 11 to finalize your plans and seal your union. The new moon will affect you if you are dating or already attached. If you are already part of an established union, you may now make plans or goals for the future that you can do together.

You both will have more time to socialize now that Mars is moving rapidly through your house of friendships and people-populated events. The second part of this year will bring fewer opportunities to make new friends, so while you have such glowing aspects, take full advantage by getting out to socialize.

Also, Venus will enter Gemini on April 25, another sure boost to more fun times to come. Single? Jupiter's position in May suggests you may find love while traveling or working out at the gym. Keep your eyes open at work, too - you may meet an interesting co-worker who is in PR, sales, editing, information technology, or marketing who has noticed you.

Finances will also be on your mind much of the month. Mercury will retrograde from April 18 to May 11 and as a result, payments due to you will begin to run late. The full moon April 28 plus or minus four days will find you sending a large payment to fulfill a financial obligation, or you may be considering the purchase of an expensive item. Because Mercury is retrograde, hold off on spending large amounts for now - wait until mid-to-late May to shop.

Dates to Note
Saturn, the planet of karma and the lessons we learn in life, will briefly exit Libra from April 7 to July 21, giving you a breather. Once he returns, he will be in your sign until October 2012 and on a mission to make you wiser, more mature, and able to handle much more complex responsibilities in life.

Keep health strong in 2010. Jupiter in Pisces, working with Saturn, will help you get lean and strong this year if you apply yourself wholeheartedly.

In April, especially near the new moon April 14, your closest relationship will come into focus. It's time to decide if you'd like to make things official. Don't let economics drive a personal decision to marry - you need to have many other reasons aside from that one for a lifelong commitment. Your chart suggests tight finances could influence you in that direction.

Generally, though, socializing will be happier and sweeter now that Jupiter will go into Aries next month for the summer and light your partnership sector. The experiences you suffered in 2009 were more severe - better days are due.

Venus in Gemini from April 25 to May 19 will be the best news for your social life - livelier days are to come!

Business alliances forged now would be favored.
If you are single, you will have lots of reasons to socialize now, for Mars is moving rapidly through your social, friendship, and events sector. (When any planet moves quickly, it is more potent.) Venus will help Mars from April 25 to May 11, giving you even more reasons to be out and about socializing. Enjoyable times are due!

Money will be on your mind too for two reasons. First, Mercury will retrograde in your financial sector, increasing the chances that checks due to you will be late. Watch for errors in any financial dealings or documents sent to you. Second, a full moon on April 28 will bring a financial action to fullness.

Romance will be best on April 8, 17, 18, 21, 22, and 25-30.
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