Saturday, May 29, 2010

10 Confessions - When It Comes To Me & Men

OK. ok. There are somethings that some of us girls / women do that we don't particularly notice we do until we break down our thinking process. I'm going to evaluate myself out and confess what it is that goes through my mind when meeting, coming in contact, or randomly checking out guys. Theses are not in order and this is purely for fun. And if you're one of my guy friends reading this... YES I probably have thought about one of these 10 random things with you in it.


Within the first 30 seconds of visual contact ( which means I may notice you but you may not notice me ) ... I already imagined how sex with you would be like. If you are a giver / taker / passionate / intense. Good or Bad. Yup that's right. First 30 seconds.
[ didn't think this would be number one did you! LMAO! ]


Yes... if the first 30 seconds are visually satisfying I do wonder ... How big is it. I'm going to be honest to say that I don't spend too much time thinking about this. Only two things I look at to pre-determined it's size. Hands & Feet. But you know what I learned ladies... that the feet LIE! yes they do. *Take it from an artist* Nature does not follow the rules of proportions, never, ever, ever, just symmetrical. And how symmetrical beings are a thing of beauty... *WOOH* okay lets get back to what I was talking about. If I say I go by the size of the hands, some of my guy friends tell me this is a false way to identify the size of the manhood. They try to convince me that there is no sure fire way to tell by outward appearances when they are fully clothed. The only way to really find out is to see it to believe it. See, now how do I go about doing this. Do I try to convince the guy he's a thing of beauty and I would love to sketch him... you know Titanic but the reverse. >_< LOL. Oh - the disappointment it will bring when it's not up to par.


I don't know about you ladies but genetics is the only thing that makes us attracted and even attractive. Then again there's the dangers of plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a LIE! I'm pretty sure we all heard about that man that sued his wife and left her when they had an ugly baby. Yeah I don't want that, I'm as real as it gets and when it comes down to it - I'm looking for the real thing as well. Pure Genetics. If you got the right stuff, I'm going to be thinking if we would make beautiful babies.


ok . ok . The truth of the matter is I am one of those girls that do ask, what kind of car do you have. The truth is I don't care. I really don't. " Oh Pretty" is probably the only thing that will come out of my mouth if you tell me it's something expensive. "Can I get a ride?" would probably one of the other things I ask you. At this point I'm sizing you out. If you're a good driver or not. If I am into you and I sit beside you and you're NOT a good driver. I feel uncomfortable and you drive like you make me want to throw up, I won't be beside you for very long. I will come to believe and make the association that sitting beside you in the car would be just as though sitting beside you through life. If you make me sick, you'll make me sick. If it's smooth sailing, it will be smooth sailing. I do get sick in some people's car when they drive, some people just make me nervous to be in the car with them. With me, it's not what you drive, it's how you drive it.


Some guys I know get offended by this assumption that I only want fit and buff sporty body guy. Hell yeah I want a boyfriend who has arms like a tree trunk and legs like an elephant. Why did both things I described arms and legs both have some kind of 'trunk' association. It's not about the body. - This is like ... #4. It's not about your body, it's about how you treat it. Personally I learned a long time ago to treat my body like a temple. If you respect your body, you respect yourself. If you poison your body, you poison yourself. Yes health is a thing I look for in a guy, one who can take care of himself. It is your physic that makes me determine if you are capable to do with me the things I like to do. Like jogging, or hiking, or other physically active activities. *wink wink* But it's not only this, it also determines a point of stamina. That's right. I said it. Stamina. Here's my question, girls play hard to get because they like the chase. It makes them feel special. What's the point of making the boys run and chase after you, when they are not 'fit' enough to catch you? OOh *FIT* here has double meaning. Think about it. Point and Score * note to the guys and girls for fitness: Don't do it for anybody else but you. Because YOU deserve it. Note: How do you ever expect to reach and take hold of what it is you want if you're not fit enough to stay in this race.


A lot of guys don't know this but I consider you one of the following three. Lover, Friend, or Foe. That's right if you're a stranger you'll just fall into the foe area, I hate you before I love you. ( I'm just kidding you just don't belong here and when you do you'll be on of the three ... okay?! ) When I meet someone I size them up. Analyze and watch how you talk, how you walk, how you style yourself, how you exert yourself, how you treat people. Thus in turn I place you in the categories. Foe is easy, if you annoy me in some insurmountable way I'll dislike you. Easy as that, sometimes it takes one little thing to disrespect me and that's it. Friend, well if I don't wanna sexy time with you, you fall into this category. I like you but I just am not attracted to you in that way. It's the easiest way to say it. Lover... oh sexy time baby sexy time.. I'm kidding, these are the ones that have the higher potential of being lover than friends. Easy as that. YES. Maybe. No. easy-pezy rice and cheesy.


I had a problem thinking past the first six I named about guys but. Conversations, if we ever get to this point. Conversations say a lot. You know since we are on the point of communicating with one another. This is where I get to see if you're smart, funny, sexy, cool or just plain stupid. I find guys who are smart with a sense of showing their thoughts, emotions, with a mix of humility and humor very attractive. Not only talk about what they like, but who they are as a person. Sometimes there's no conversation and just awkward silence and we all know what that does. Kills everything. A bad conversation can kill everything too. There was this one time I met this guy who started talking to me about hockey and what not, he wasn't that bad looking, blond hair blue eyes, is an accountant? ... is that a question I don't know. What killed it was that every time he spoke it seemed like a question and I was left going.... was that a question? by the end of it. Say what you mean an mean what you say and always hold true to your word. if you don't know how to talk to a girl, practice. We're just like men but we have boobs, no balls and no penis. Sorry to disappoint you.


Oh man Mr. Dressup show was awesome when I was a kid. What ever happened to him :( oh and there's the "underneath the umbrella tree" show ... that was awesome too. Anyways. Ladies we all have our own styles, there are ones we are attracted to and certain ones we just don't dig. Me, I'm not a big metal fan, nor am I of their style. I love punk to a certain degree. I have to dress professional cause I work in an downtown office, my style I would say is... I have none? no, just kidding. Depends on the occasion I would say, but I'm more of the hip hop sophisticated. Simple little being that has no clue really what her style is. Maybe I was meant to be placed in the world of harajuku? Guys in suits seem to always catch my eye. Mr. Good Looking as he's looking good. Hip Hop Style - I dunno, I guess it's the artistic part of me that likes this, but I'm also a hip hop beat lover so maybe it's the casual comfort. I am how ever dimming down my colors as my wardrobe is getting older. More dresses and heels for me. I guess I'm also looking for someone who's aging well with their style as well. Can't dress like you're 16 forever. The thing that I look down to see for style for some reason is shoes. There are those that take very good care of their shoes. Have great choices, but most of all, it it matches what they are wearing at the current time being.


I have a pretty good sense of age-dar? kinda like the gay-dar, but for age. I don't really know how I do it. I look at a couple of features that let me indicate age. (1) - Skin . Younger ones either have really really great skin, or acne. If we've aged we have a little wear and tear. (2) Hands, yes the skin wear and tear theory comes in here as well but this one is sometimes hard. (3) Hair - If you noticed young ones have a lush full set of hair. The most of us is thinning, or have hair loss or have some kind of repercussions that shows in our hair due to stress. Wait.. the only people I don't notice this with is my East Indian Friends... you lucky bastards. The other hair to look for is on their face. I believe women have a better sense of age then men. To be honest age is not so much a factor in relationships. It's maturity.


Although I may do the following things above, there is one thing that can throw you off even though you may have already come to think I'm just some judgmental bitch. Is that all these things don't even matter that much because they are just simple thoughts of wonderment. I love my friends and family and whomever guy that comes to read this. I like you just as you are. We are friends because I accept your just as you are and will always see you for what is good. That's why I get along with a lot of people. That's why I can hold conversations ( or at least try to ) with friends and strangers. I may think you're really good looking, I may think you're decent, I may think you're not my type. But it really doesn't matter boys / guys / men because in this life and as a person, come to know you're a great person, friend, lover, husband ( whatever it is you are and aspire to be ) are a person of great potential and ability. It's really sexy for those who are comfortable being themselves and know what they want and are actually striving to get it.
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