Saturday, May 29, 2010

He Calls Me Out

I hung out with someone last night. A friend from high school and he calls me out on a few things I wrote in his year book. OMG - that was ten years ago! Like I remember who I particularly know who I was with during the spring break of 2000 if I wrote I missed you that spring break. Come on now!

We hung out, watched movies, chill and chatted. It was nice to be with someone that I felt was really enjoying my company. By the time I noticed what time it was it was so late... I took a nap and next thing I knew It was morning time. He lives a couple blocks away from me so as drops me home this morning before heading to his seminar.

I get home and all I do is sleep some more until the late afternoon like 2pm. John picks me up later on in the day after I filmed a sketch and post it.

I shower and get ready for the night. John comes picks me up and we head out to Burnaby. I accompany him to a revscene dinner meet. Some of the guys seemed so familiar but I didn't say much. We soon quickly head on over to Chris' performance of the night. LOL. We got there just in time. I was so eager to see him and his friends go on stage that I wanted John to just go in the door, but there were all these people leaving and John waited for them to pass. I ... being the small person that I am was impatient cause I can see that they were on stage already. But I started filming right away! :) I made it to his performance which made me happy to see. It happened so fast that after a few songs... it was over. We head over down to Local an "public eatery". Before getting there John decides to park the car at his aunts salon. I meet her and she's just a little warming aura that reminds me of my art teacher. I talk to her for a bit and get a business card. Soon after we left and walked down a block to the Local. The place was jumping and full of people with beautiful waitresses and bartenders. We ate together the band members and friends in celebration =)
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