Sunday, May 23, 2010

I ♥ Lamp

There was a number of things that happened today that made me kind of upset.
My mother this morning ( she's a bit childish minded ) but she wanted to go visit my sister and the baby. My brother and father scold her about how she schedules herself and what not. I feel bad for my mom. I want to help her and I hear this argument through the door. But what really upset me today was that my sister had said it was quite alright if she went between the early afternoon before four. I witness my dad sit by the front window reading his book then when the time came, my father then talks her out of considering to go when my mom started to get ready. My dad continued to read his book most of the early afternoon. I was upset because during that time he could have taken the time to take my mom to see my sister and the baby. I become a little disappointed in my dad today. I should have said something, but to my dad it would have been disrespectful. But it was inconsiderate what he did.

I cleaned parts of my room, re-aligned my coffee table. Most importantly I decided to discover what was wrong with this lamp I have. It stopped working for more than a year ago. I keep it because it was given to me by my art teacher who had passed away in '99. Turns out it was a simple fix of switching out the fuse at the bottom of the lamp. Now it works again and I'm so happy that it does. I ♥ Lamp.
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