Sunday, May 02, 2010

Movies & Cleaning

I spent today watching movies and cleaning up my room.
Packing up what needs to go and what stays and freeing more space around the room.
I watched "He's Just Not That Into You" and rather enjoyed it. Maybe cause I'm single and trying to rebuild. "Sex Drive" was really funny... laugh out loud funny!

I feel like I understand what I want to feel before I step into any kind of relationship. If the guy is truly interested... he will sweep me off my feet. Frankie did this... he caught me off guard and made me feel so loved... but now ... I'm done chasing things that in the end...doesn't turn out. I shouldn't be behind...I should be ahead.

You can only do so much in life... If you want more you can strive for more for yourself, but only for yourself. But in the world of romance and love, it takes two. and in the rare exception...three but if someone else is in that equation, it's a little more have your desires and wants but you have to take into consideration the other persons as well. That's why love is a choice. I had chosen to love where the other had chose to stop. I had to comply and follow their lead because you can't force love. I've lost a little hope in love, I'm just going to let things be now, cause there is only so much I can do.

Life goes on.
Mantra of the week... "I am sex-sze... *breathe*...I can do this ( on my own. )"
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