Monday, May 24, 2010

A Soul-full Afternoon

Chris my God brother messages me this morning to ask if I wanted to go try some soul food. I said sure why not since I hadn't seen him a little over a week or so. He takes me to a place called Boonies in Langley. We enjoyed the food. It was so good. mmMmmMm. The last picture is of Pecan Pie, I was attempting to cut it when the chef was there and turned and scooped the pie out of the pan onto the dish creating a delicious mess. It was my first time as well enjoying soul food. I tell Chris of my change within these last weeks. A lot of my sadness is gone. My mind has not faltered to dwell so much and so deep into the past, my heart has moved on and really is so much lighter, so much aware and back to being innocent and sensitive to all things. He goes and tells me that someone had broken into his car this morning and he doesn't even know how they did it, but that he's happy that we were there and about to enjoy our time together. I for one does believe the universe works in mysterious ways, because since Chris felt this down fall this morning. I saw that though he is upset about it, he's learned not to get him down. I see the growth that's there. And out of no where a I watch a pretty good looking man walks in with his two beautiful children. He looks just like any other man with his kids this morning. I look down to his sweat pants and notice the bc lions logo. I say nothing and turn to my god brother and I notice his eyes start to twinkle. Then my mind goes... OH NO... he's a celebrity isn't he. X_X . Me ... I one, don't follow sports very closely to know who the players are, and two, not one of those people that go GAGA over celebrities. Unless.. they are..... like Monkey Majik or Utada Hikaru. Chris turns into a child and it was quite amusing to watch... a little embarrassing that a 26 year old is reduced to excitement but cute. I didn't take a picture with the man because well I didn't know or follow him too much. But I got one of him and Chris cause I even egged Chris to go to his car and get his football after he had mentioned it was in his car. One in a lifetime chance to be so up close and personal. He looked like was living a moment that only happens in dreams. I was so happy for him. Here's a pic I helped Chris take of him and Mr. Geroy Simon of the BC Lions.
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