Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stepping Forward

Monday was a long day, after blogging I headed out to Burnaby for my roller hockey game. The rink was a slippery one to skate and our team fought a losing battle. Late games are tiring. After the game my friends were determined to get me fed. I didn't want to at first cause I didn't bring my pills with me and I was already tired from the game. We ate and god brother Chris dropped me home. I had three hours of sleep that night.

The next day... I went to work, returned home to watch the Canucks final playoff game. and passed out.

This morning I still felt tired. I think I'm starting to be okay by myself. I'm naturally embracing the fact that it's okay to be single. I think it's the natural flirt in me how I just start chatting away with people. I thought to myself... it's funny how my guy friends start to message me again when they find out that I'm single again. It can be one of two things. To console me, or to hit on me. I hope it's consoling, cause I really would like to spend a couple more months just enjoying me. Yes a couple more months, because I'm not young, guys for one can afford to be young and take their time...Girls, females, we don't. It takes time to develop relationships and one that's even worthy of even more and honestly... I'm still coming off withdraws from the last guy I was seeing. I didn't anticipate liking him more than I thought I did. A part of me feels so stupid for doing so, then I wouldn't keep missing him. I do miss him. His voice, his smile, his hugs. *feeling sad* ... ok ok lets change the subject.

I've been chatting with a friend who is more of an acquaintance I met when I was going out with Trev. He's was largely in his group of friends before they some how more or less separated from one another. I however being me, I miss people sometimes, even though they weren't particularly my friends to being with but I contact them regardless to see how they are doing. This friend I know from past meetings is very humorous and for some reason our chats gets drawn into the topic of sex. Now Now, don't jump to conclusions! We don't talk about sex with each other, we both know that's just wrong and we wouldn't go there. We just talk about the topic of sex. Like... favorite positions, random acts / sessions, habits, random questions. I'm laughing as I blog about this. I find it rather refreshing because he's actually pretty open and says what's on his mind. Unlike a lot of guys out there these days who have the tendency to keep emotions and thoughts to themselves.

I've been fighting a damn cold sore on my lip for a few days now. Been wanting to film but it bugs me.

I wonder how Bob likes his new home. He seems to like swimming between the bamboo. Although I miss the first Bob, who swam around zipping in the fish bowls and the only time you knew he was doing that was when you heard the glass pebbles clack in the fish bow. It was as though he was rearranging them with his swimming ability force :)
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