Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Yesterday I had a bit of a stomach ache, I don't know if it was from the food. But I don't think so, I had felt a bit of discomfort in the morning.

This morning I'm woken up by a little someone. I smiled at the thought he did send me a message to comply, but it was so early. I replied back to him snuggling up to my pillows as I do so. I wished him a great day at work and that was that. Work was hectic with the boss leaving in the middle of the day because he felt sick. It was alright... I've held up the fort many times before. Today. I was feeling fine till after work on the way home. I'm going to admit that I wasn't wearing much but I was heating up. I was perfectly fine with out my jacket. I was basically in a light top that was a tank top style that was breezy. But then I was feeling like ... was there something wrong with me? The person next to me was wearing so many more layers, another girl is wearing a turtleneck? what the hell! I felt like I was having a fever hit. I used to be one of those people who got sick very easily from a simple breeze to my stomach. I'm now over heating and I don't get sick from the wind anymore.
I walk around the mall looking for white heels, I took a look a lingerie. ( here's the weird thing about me... am attracted to getting lingerie when I'm the most single points of my life. Is that weird.. I don't have anyone else to be sexy for but me. ) Dresses. I didn't buy anything. Just left to catch the bus. I wasn't home very long till I left with my dad expressing some words of upset emotions as I left before dinner. I head down and meet John and we go for a light dinner before my game. I've never eaten back to back from dinner to game time. I felt a little out of order to be honest. I should have at when I was home before I left for the game.  But I played my heart out today, skated my butt off. Got hit by my own team mate without him ever knowing it. Now I think my should blade is bruised. Just feels annoying pain to move my left shoulder and a little painful when touched. The adrenaline in my blood wore off at the bbt place John too me to to rejuvenate after the game.  One where the now famous Peter Chao filmed one of his vids when he first started. Well it's bed time... will post pics tomorrow... and hope to film a sketch of the next painting I would like to do.

I'm unsatisfied because.... I really wanted to score today... there were so many chances. But there's next time... there are always second chances :) you just have to open your heart up to see the possibilities.
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