Monday, May 31, 2010

End So Soon?

Had one of the best dates...evar... hahah will blog details tomorrow..
too much smiling to do anything tonight...

ALRIGHT... lets rewind.
The day was hectic with things coming in from clients as I try to figure and make notes on the migration of the sites at work. I kept my intake of food in check as I keep my eye on the clock. I had a date tonight. :) with someone who I had thought on Friday kinda ignored me. I didn't get a message back in Saturday which works out our misunderstandings. We schedule a second date with one another for Monday - Today. Yeah next to dressing up for work, I had to wear something that would be nice for going out as well. I wear a dress, my one inch heel boots, with a light blazer jacket for spring / summer wear. I didn't realize how fat the dress made me look until I got to work. My date comes to pick me up at work. I come down and come out of my building to see him sitting across the street on his phone. I wait for him to cross the street to find myself uncomfortably have a stranger stand right next to me. So close if I swung my arm I could have hit him. That's my comfort zone. He crosses the street and greets me with a big hug. *smiles* wow.. I love his hugs. What's a great hug? they pull you close just as you pull the close to you. Which means your whole body is saying hello to one another. Not just you saying it, but your souls. Your whole being feels little embraced cause nothing is missed. That is a great hug. We had time to kill before another movie date. I take him to El Kartel. I hadn't been there for a while, I wanted to see what was in, what was styling, what art was on the walls. I walk in with the place filled with music as always but a live dj was spinning. My date thought that the lucha dore images on the wall that were on the wall riding bicycles were pretty cool. I love the music that was spinning. We hit up a sunglasses place, he tells there's this one style that he digs and it's so hard for him to find them anymore. We walk back to the car and he we go to PC for a walk around to see if there's anything worth shopping for. Me I look at what's nice work dresses that can double for casual outings. I complain about how hard it is to find anything nice that actually fits and he comforts me and puts his arm around me pulls me close to him to have him tell me in my ear that anything would look good on me. Awww ... so sweet. ♥ but that's such a lie . hahaha . I'm too boob-a-lishous for my own good. We walk about to the new places he hadn't seen before since he hadn't been to Pacific Centre for a while and simply chat. There was a moment in RW&CO store where we were talking and he remembers how this one time he was looking for a gift for his X and he looked everywhere for these boots that may have never even existed. I feel his frustration, not just in his words but... the air. I stop in my tracks as I walked ahead of him. Turned around and walked back towards him and gave him a big hug. Why I did this I don't know. I guess it was my way to say. Don't let the past get to you cause as bad as it was, I'm here now. His aura changes quickly and we moved on to another store to another conversation with my arm hooked onto to his. After walking around the mall I we headed over to the theatre and sat there and chatted in the empty hall before it started to fill up. He did a cute little finger snap when the first person started to walk in the theatre room where we were. He helped me with my crossword which not a lot of guys have ever been able to even help me out with, he got some as I got my spots of genius as I get some of the clues that were given. I'm strange like that I guess. I think a lot out side the box and always at double meanings of things. But before the movie started I decided to the washroom, before leaving I kindly ask for him to watch my stuff and joking say that he wouldn't just abandon me there as I gave him a big embrace. He says of course not. I leave to visit the loo and when come back and he takes my hand as I sat down and he asks me to go with him on his Europe trip. My mind goes blank. [ Just to let all you people know, my date and I have been in contact for more than 8 months chatting on msn. He's not a perfect strangers as we share friends, mine from my childhood who became his friends in his teens till now. ] I have never had anyone spontaneously ask me something that could possibly be closest thing to a dream coming true. He tells me that he would like me to go see France with him. My heart stops for a second. My first question was, are you serious? and his response was yes. My second was, when are you leaving for Europe? He tells me right after we return from our Calgary trip. My mind still in the state of *is this guy for real? and just asked me to go to Europe with him?!* BLANKNESS. I knew in my heart I couldn't take more than a week off of work at the current moment at such short notice and not only that, I didn't have enough money to even think of going on this trip as much as I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to. A part of my heart feels like, it's really not my time to go. If it is, the universe would give me signs and show me and the right opportunities would open up. My date did however wonder if I could ask my boss. You see, I don't work on salary. I really could just take off at any moment I just give a heads up as a courtesy but as for responsibility. And the fact that as much as I like my date, it's too much too soon. I had already accepted his offer to accompany him to his Calgary trip where his car will be showing in the Driven Car show. But as SWEET and AWESOME Europe trip sounds something in my heart tells me there's something here that very much needs attending to. I share this with him and I feel he understands. I hold his hand through out the movie and stroked his arm as his hand rests on my knee as we watched Prince of Persia on the big screen. There was one moment during the movie where I simply lean into him and take hold of his arm and rest my head a bit on his shoulder, he turns to me and I feel him kiss my forehead and lift my head and turn to him and somehow so naturally we shared our first little kiss *blush* .. when I turned back to the movie I felt something I never expected to. Something I hadn't felt for the longest time from a kiss. The sides of my neck tingling [ the last time I felt this was probably more than a year ago ] I take a deep breath and thought, it could me nothing. The movie was good, beautifully written and the graphics were great. As the lights went up and we let the eager ones in our row leave first we got up and before walking down the steps. He gives me another warm embrace and this time *blush* he leans in for a kiss *blush* I kinda shied but he did something that I always thought that if a guy wanted to kiss me should do. He pulled me a little closer to him, and embraced one arm behind my head and another on my back and pulled me into him. *BLUSH* one of the best kisses I've had in a long long time. wow . My hand slips into his, and we turn to walk down the stairs together, he leads my hand to take grasp of his arm as he places his hand into his pockets. There was a moment where I was waiting for him as he went the the mens room, I had decided to go to the ladies room. Here's the thing. Right after you've come out of the theatre. Most likely the washroom closest to you is going to be filled. And it was. I waited a few minutes for him as we descended to the second level of the theatre levels and I went to that one because I knew it would be empty and had more stalls. I was right. It was so empty! There was one song through out the day that we kept hearing everywhere. In the mall, in the theatre, and even after we got into the car and drove off.

After the movie we head off to eat, he took me to a place on Hastings called Sushi Town, but as we walk in the girl tells me their closed. We hand missed closing time by a minute! 9:30 and we had arrived 9:31. What luck?! He wanted me to try the Awesome Roll they have there :) . He apologizes and says he can take me somewhere that's not sushi but just good Asian food. I said, sure why not. He takes me the the Congee & Noodle house on Renfrew & First, kind of my childhood area. I tell him how I remember when the T&T there used to be a Safeway. We enjoy the food and each others company. LOL. I remember going to the washroom to wash my hands when the food arrived, I almost slipped on the washroom floor cause it was wet, but I saved myself with my cat like reflexes and balance. LOL. I had ordered Congee and he ordered noodles. It was very good.
 I didn't know why I had the want to sit next to him when we ate, but I had moved myself next to him after we had placed the orders and before the food arrived. I found out he's not very much a hot drink person. I'm a smoothie person in the morning :) . Our food ended up being too much for us and had the rest packed up to go.  We have a nice chat on the drive home. In the back of my mind I kept asking myself why I was going home. As I was thinking that - he said it out loud he didn't really want to take me home yet but it was getting late and I had work the next day.  He takes me home and wonders the next time we are going to see one another. I say probably for our trip. He thinks about it for a bit and said it might be true cause he needed to work on his car to get it ready for the show. He gives me the biggest hug... and kiss goodnight. *blush* He tells me that he's going to miss me. *blush*...
I really didn't want the night to end.
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