Monday, June 21, 2010

Koi In The Water

I did a sketch of this a couple vids back. Decided to buy some canvases when I came back from Calgary because there are some art show coming up and this would be one to enter.

I have to admit this was the first time I did the Koi using the Asian style technique that one would use with watercolor with acrylic on canvas. I hope to do a lot more :)

This painting too a while to do 3-4 hours long. The files are so big that while video editing it ate up all my memory. Freak! But it's that time again to clean out the old videos and filming footage to make way for the new!

I've been thinking should I start a new blog? One this time mainly and purely focusing on Asian Artwork. Jotting down all that I can remember, techniques and notes and sketches I have into one single Asian Art blog. Focusing and remembering everything that I was taught. That's like 15 years+ of Asian art education. That's a lot! I'll be thinking about it. That will help me re-focus to remember why I'm doing what I'm doing for the love of the art. So it doesn't end and dwindle to the next generation that may not know as much as I've had the pleasure of having 2 great masters of the same style as teachers. I should ask James to teach me what is left for me to learn. I have some things I have yet to learn. I try to pick up the really great Chinese Painting instructional books but the truth is, It's hard. Me ( My teachers know, I have the eye ) I can spot a weak artist from the stronger ones from simple strokes of an Asian brush. What's good - what's bad. Colour control, water control, brush control. I have little patience for people who are generations after me believing they are good enough to teach the next generation. It doesn't take 5 years to master Asian art. Trust me, watercolor paintings maybe the hardest thing to master. One stroke can make and break a painting and only the pro- of the pros are smart enough to cover up their mistakes. Even I have years of training still suck at covering up my mistakes. I'm a fourth generation artist of the Ling-Nan Style, which means my teachers teacher's teacher was one of the founders this art style and technique. Pretty cool right. I think it is. I'm thankful that I'm still young * compared to my fellow generation of artists * who are twice my age, some are young. Few continue. Soon... I feel it...I'm ready to paint again the real stuff. My heart is returning to the right place. The place that's preparing me for - my greatness. *smiles* I have art shows coming up. My fellow artists and federation mates have been waiting for my return. I hear some are seeing what it is I can do now. When I do see the ones that know I paint, they always ask me if I still paint. I feel a little sad when I get asked that. Because they know and I know my talents are going to waste when I'm NOT painting. My heart broke and I was filled with song and little artistic inspiration. Now I'm filled with love *smiles* I don't think I can return to that point where I was lost. I've been lost for too long but I remember what I'm about now. It took a while of self discovery, epiphanies and re-assurances that the path I'd chose to take has always been the right one. The way I love and choose to love has always been genuine and true. Some people thought I was just too nice, but I learned long ago that loving someone is not about my happiness, it's theirs. Loving me is about me. I rather give with all I have because I don't know any other way to show who I am and how I love. If you hold back the love you truly have for someone, you're holding back on yourself. You're missing an opportunity of something greater. Your fear is holding you back from living. I realized this a couple months back when Ry first asked me to go to Calgary with him. When I felt hesitation - that fear. I said yes. I asked myself what is there to be afraid of? I wanted to go on a trip and I needed to chase my fears, not let my fears chase me. From now on if I feel a hesitation I may chase my fear, run towards it like a crazy person ready to kick it's ass.
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