Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why Ry

ahhh I'm missing him. I find it sweet how he tries his best to text me before he goes to sleep. ♥ I'm going to try my best to try to get my sexy body for beach wear! I wanna go swimming in the ocean this summer or at least lounge in the sun!

I'm very excited when Ry returns from his trip. I want to see the photos and a part of me wants to see how much he sweated it out there.

I haven't blogged cause there isn't much to blog. I've been experiencing light headaches that comes and goes on Monday but today I felt fine. I had to wake up early to work before going to work. But that's life.

I admitted to Ry that our first kiss gave me chills. It was a little peck and still it gave me chills. His kisses make me weak in the knees. It's crazy! I didn't even know a guy could do that to me any more to be honest!

Ugh I have a bruise on my arm on my left arm. It's true colors came out.. today.
I downloaded apps for my iphone but then realized I have no way to upload them to my phone because the applications tab is missing. My phone version is too old. I think I'm going to be eagerly awaiting the new iphone. I majority have mine for what it's known for. Holding songs and talking on. LOL.

I'm scrolling through looking at how cheap imacs are today, and the ipad makes me think. It has the possibility of pushing digital magazines to the next level and print magazines to think differently. Not just print mags but the print industry.

I went for a 5K run my time was 38mins. I have to admit I did walk for parts of it but I had a good pace most of it. I should run harder next time. I'm determined to get my beach body. The body I've always wanted, the body I strongly believe I deserve.
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