Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Enjoying It

I am creating -  art. It's called My life. On Saturday me and Ry went to go see the fireworks. I have only seen the fireworks a few times in the last ten years. Most years I missed it because I hate the massive crowds. Two - I believe the money that goes into funding this even can largely go to help a lot of people off the streets. Then I came to realize, those are two things I can't really control. A lot of it is really no reason to get mad at, so I decided to agree to go see the fireworks. Ry agreed to let me drive into China Town. Downtown Vancouver - China Town driving makes me nervous, there are so many things to be aware of. The druggies that just cross the street last minute scare me, cyclists scare me. Last minute lane changes and turns scare me. But it's just something to get used to. Ry and I headed into Chinatown to Kent's Kitchen to pick up some Chinese food to eat at the fireworks. Wow it's hard to parallel park when everyone else can't park in the legal distance from the curb either. You bastards! . Just kidding. We headed our way to Kits Beach after parking at Safeway and getting some drinks from Shoppers we grab our gear and head down to the beach. We climb down this small path trail to a spot by some boulders on the sand. Ry - being the sweetness that he is carried both our chairs. I'm still getting used to the fact that he's such a sweet guy, refuses to allow me to do certain things. ( like carry potentially heavy items. )  I carried the clothes, food, drinks. :) Ry didn't have his sandals because well someone in the house took them. ( turned out to be one of the students in the house but oh well. He couldn't / didn't want to get his feet wet because it would be difficult to get the sand out of his shoes later on. I walk along the pebbly sandy beach and look for sea glass. Looking around my surroundings on Kits beach I noticed it was one of the best locations to look for sea glass. Why? The waves come crashing in hard enough to work the sediments and the many little stones in the water also gives it away. I found some pieces, but what I'm looking for are the blue and pink and I guess whatever it is I can get to find. I think my next time searching for more will be in my bathing suit and sandals. After some of my beautiful finds, Ry shows me a picture he took of me with my phone. Beautiful. What a sneaky cheeky monkey. We sit together and eat, watched the sun set and the fireworks. It was beautiful.

I guess this is just another goal he has helped me achieve. Goal #59. Watch The Sun Set With Someone I Care For. Simple Goal in life right. :) yet having have it completed is worth is. The city lights can be seen. The fireworks goes off and I film the first 10 minutes of the 30 minute show and stop to just sit and enjoy Ry's company and the beautiful show. I really do just enjoy his company. To be with a guy who treats me very well. To be honest sometimes I ask myself what it is I can do for him. He already does very caring things for me. I guess what I can do is try to love as much as I can while I still can. I say that cause I don't see him all the time. As long of the times we have together - together I will do my best. I should sleep I want to wake up early and make some blueberry pancakes. Busy Busy. I'm supposed to dish out some invoices to get paid. I have yet to bother. I should, I would like to see the next series of my bottles come out. :) I'm just trying to enjoy as much as I can right now. Good Night Sweet World, Good Morning ... Life.

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