Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Realization Of The Month

I've come to think that Ry's right after telling him of my predicaments when it comes to cracking through my GB's heart wall ( the wall he placed up to protect himself when it comes to women and love ) Ry's right. I can't really help him. I've come to see that he really is at the point where he has to help himself. I hit that point where - what ever it is someone said it wouldn't help. I got myself out of my walls. He has to learn to do the same. He seems though he's still upset. Angry at women. To be honest it's hard to be a female and be a close friend and not feel the front of his emotions. Because even when he converses with me he sometimes has a wall. I don't only hear it in his voice, I see it in his actions, his eyes. With people I come to part take and converse with. I listen, more than just the ears. I watch, listen, feel. Sometimes it takes more than words to understand someone. It takes more than words to love someone.

I can't seem to get this funny thing that Ry said when we were eating sushi out of my head. He's talking about how he doesn't like eating veggies ( hmm reminds me of someone ) Ry says -
Ry: " I didn't climb on top of the food chain to eat f-ing carrots. "
( Oh - how that made me laugh ) I said, " babes you didn't climb on top of the food chain, you were born into it. " LOL.
Ry: " ... that said, doesn't mean I'm going to go eat lions... "
I laughed so hard.

Saturday I got hurt. Turns out my ribs maybe bruised because it hurts when I move certain ways and take deep breaths. I wish I played harder yesterday at Kensington but my body just won't push past and my shortness of breath wasn't helping either. I believe I played well as in handling the stick and not letting the guys get puck. We won and this was the last game of the regular season. How horrible I only have one goal under my belt in to honor Mia, I feel so sad. UGH. Should play harder. Then again we got bumped up a few times in this league this season.

Wow did blog time a little early today, I guess cause I'm home. Oh yeah - today is me and Ry's one month. :) nothing special on one months anymore when you hit my age and the relationship is so new.

Today is relaxing day after yesterday's game and such. I think I'll look through some cook books, sketch. read. Dinner by myself was a bit sad but hey. MmmMMm I should film something for youtube but I have nothing to give right now really. Been blocked. Trying to unblock. :P
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